How we Work

We rely on targeted cleaning techniques and safe and non-toxic cleaning supplies to create the sanitized environment that promotes the health and safety of children and staff. Our attention to detail means high-touch surfaces like door handles, faucets, and play equipment receive special attention, in addition to larger areas like carpets where kids crawl and play. We also go out of our way to reduce airborne pathogens with our cleaning equipment, ensuring optimal air quality.


These are just some of the ways The Steven maid service always leave the healthiest environment for you and your family.

STEVEN MAID SERVICE Cleaning Process was created to ensure a healthy house cleaning process and provide you and your family with the healthiest home possible.

Happy CLIENTS Review

 Steven was quick to respond to our initial quote request and was cleaning my home within 24 hours. Steven maid service deep cleaned every inch of my home within just a few hours and I’m so pleased with the results! It is such a relief to come home to a spotless house. The team all wore masks while cleaning and were professional and personable. I will be scheduling reoccurring cleanings. Go ahead and hire Steven and her crew, you won’t regret it!

Erik / Jane

Steven maid services did an amazing job deep cleaning our new home. We will definitely be using them again and referring them to others. They left our home spotless, smelling fresh and clean. Thank you so much!

Greg / wilson

We hired Steven maid service to Clean, disinfect and sanitize our decease parents home They did an amazing job! From top to bottom we had stains on the walls floors dirt and bodily fluids . They were prompt no hassles or complaints. Got the job done and even cleaned 30 year old carpets. I would highly recommend they in the Jacksonville area

Gary / Johnson

 Steven was very friendly and then did a great job cleaning my place. They wore masks while cleaning, making it a nice and safe working environment. I would recommend their services!

Harley / Kay